Manners of Hat Wearing

Wearing a hat for women may not as difficult as the men. It may sound like a double standard, but women have a completely different set of rules for wearing hats especially in the past. Women can wear fashion hats whenever they want, as long as the hats don’t block someone’s view or interfere with their work. However, men’s rules for wearing a sporty cap still apply to women. So if a woman wants to wear a baseball cap, she must remove it indoors and during the National Anthem.

Hats have developed around for several centuries, so they have a quite long history.

It is widely believed that you are free to wear a hat outdoors. There are a few exceptions, but it is fine to wear your hat at most of the time. However, you might feel a little confused about what to do when entering a building.

If you walk into someone’s home or office, you should always take off your hat. If it’s raining outside, shake your hat before you come in a room so that it doesn’t drip on their floor.

In some public places, like the restaurant, what you should do depends on the type of restaurant you are going to. If it’s a table service restaurant and you’re being served, you should always take your hat off. Hang your hat on the hat stand if there is a hat rack. However, since there are few hat racks these days, you should choose to hang your hat on the back of your chair. Except in a cafeteria or fast food restaurant, you can wear a hat if you like.

In most other indoor venues, including theatres, cinemas, concerts, banks, and other public spaces, it is also a good manner to take off your hat. However, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a hat when travelling on public transport or in retail stores. There is one exception to the “indoor rule” is at the post office, where you can wear your hat in the post office.

Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter for you to wear a hat when you are outside, on the street or in other public spaces, regardless of you are a man or a woman. You can also wear your hats in some of these public areas. For example, it’s fine to wear a hat in hotel lobbies, airports, railway stations, long indoor corridors, elevators, public transport and so on. For women, you can wear a hat indoors or outdoors, even during some meals, as long as it’s not a baseball cap. However, if you want to wear a baseball cap, you must follow the same rules that apply to men.  

Whether men wear a fedora, bucket hat or a baseball cap, they should not wear hats indoors most of the time. When you are at homes, schools, restaurants, cafes, churches, theatres and some businesses offices, you’d better remove your hat. However, even if you are in a place where you can wear your hat, you should take it off in the presence of a lady. For a woman, you can keep your hat on unless it blocks the view of someone else.