A Super Fan of the Bucket Hat

The bucket hat has been favoured by designers in recent years and has been brought into the ranks of luxury fashion field. The bucket hat has also been a very popular item in recent years. It is not only chosen by our ordinary people in our daily lives, but many stars are also very favoured it. Buckets hats are also often seen in various street snaps. After all, the bucket hat is well-matched with clothes, and it is really fashionable and cool!

Speaking of that, we have to mention a big fan of the bucket hat, Rihanna. No matter what the occasion or what style of clothes, Rihanna always has the right bucket hat to match, each is maximally comfortable. All kinds of hairstyles can be perfectly matched. The super fan Rihanna has to change the patterns to wear a different hat every day. It feels that she must have a lot of hats in different colours and styles in her wardrobe. The title of the “Queen of the influencer” is not to be said in vain. Rihanna not only dares to wear any clothes but also dares to wear any kinds of the hat. She may have more bucket hats than the hats you have ever seen.

Rihanna herself prefers a more fancy style of bucket hats because they are more flexible and can presents more styles. The printed bucket hat is simply Rihanna’s favourite. The combination of a printed bucket hat and fancy clothes is especially dangerous. It is better not to try it for ordinary people. Rihanna seems to have no sense of incongruity and she’s getting a lot of personalities.

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As a music diva, Rihanna’s style is described as changefully. Although she was born in the small island country of Barbados, her fashion sense is very international. She is very good at posing. Here is a picture that she attended a brand endorsement event. She boldly chose a bucket hat with a snake-skin pattern on it. Because of its metallic and cylindrical shape, it looked like that she has a “stainless steel bucket” on her head. And two silver big earrings, like the two handles of the bucket which is a very unique shape.

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This exaggerated and strong snake-skin costume is sexier than leopard print, and it is very photogenic. Silver-gray has a sense of high quality with snake-skin elements that not only gives people a stronger momentum but also reveals a high-class fashion atmosphere. From the overall look of Rihanna, the snake-skin element has complete integrity. In addition to the bucket hat with a stainless steel bucket, there is also a tight-fitting dress with a tube top style, and a pair of pointed straps and high heels. Even the makeup is also in silver-grey, which is really attractive.

It can be seen that Rihanna uses a silver snake-skin element with a “stainless steel” sense of the whole clothing, which draws the outline of the graceful body curve, so that she can easily transform into an enchanting “snake essence”, charming and moving, with a powerful aura. Although this style is a bit strange, it looks particularly good for Rihanna.

After seeing Rihanna’s ever-changing style with wearing different kinds of bucket hats, do you want to get a bucket hat and walk in the forefront of fashion along with these stars? If so, take actions!