Types of Fishing Hats

There are many different styles of bucket hats. They vary in shape, coverage and protection they offer anglers. Here are different types of bucket hats and types of protection they provide.

A bucket hat is the most popular type of fishing hats. It is so closely associated with fishing that it is also known as the fisherman’s hat. It is usually made of cotton, and its brim is shorter than that of boonies worn by the army. This short edge means that it does not provide adequate protection for the ears and neck and is not suitable for long-time fishing activity. It is suitable for short trips where the sun is not shining.

The boonies are a rounded fishing hat with a wide brim from all directions. It resembles the boonies worn by the army. Bonnies have a wider range than bucket hats, so they can protect people from rain or the sun. It is made of soft material, and most hats are made of camouflage fabrics. The boonie hat is the military cap used by many national special troops around the world. Whether it is used in routine training, exercises, team battles, or military competitions, the boonies is the preferred hat. It is so popular because although the appearance of boonies is not very good-looking, there is a sense of design everywhere, most of the colour is camouflage; in addition to the application of the use of the military, the fashion trend has also spread to our daily lives. Some people regard it as a beautiful decorative hat. It can be worn when we are travelling and fishing. In particular, hiking enthusiasts have long used the bonnie hat as essential equipment. It is not only to perspire but also to effectively block various flying insects in the forest. Anglers also like to wear a bonnet because of its rounded side shading design.

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A wide-brim fishing hat with a brim like boonies, but it is extremely wide on all sides and leans downward so that it can protect not only the head and face but also the ears and neck from the sun and other factors. They provide the best protection from the sun, rain, dust and other things. Studies have shown that a wide-brim hat has an SPF of 5 for the nose, ears and neck.

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A baseball-styled fishing hat looks like a baseball cap. They provide good protection to the head but do little to protect the rest of the face, such as the cheeks, chin and neck.

The narrow-brim bucket hat can be regarded as one of the fishing hats. Most of the hats are equipped with decorations to adorn people’s own dignified temperament,  while the bucket hat does not have too many accessories, mostly are painted design. The material of narrow-brim bucket hat is hard and stereoscopic, which is used to modify the face, and it is not suitable for pulling down. The brim of bucket hat is narrow and deep, with only a small circle of trapezoidal shaded edges, and does not have a sense of stereotyping.

Bucket hats have developed for several types for people’s different usage. Anyway, you can choose a hat for your own purpose.