How to Choose the Right Sun Protection?

Exposing to the sun for a long time may eventually lead to sun damage such as wrinkles and age spots. Taking proper protection can prevent these blemishes and even prevent skin cancer. If you have been sunburned, you can also use the following methods to heal your skin.  

There are many sun-protective products on the market. How to choose the right way is a worthy considering problem because it is vital to your skin health. To keep your skin healthy and protect against UV rays, there are some basic rules to follow.

Firstly, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. It should have an SPF of at least 30. Reapply sunscreen at least every 80 minutes. If you swim or sweat frequently, remember to apply sunscreen after that. If you often forget to apply, you can choose a waterproof sunscreen so that even if your skin gets wet, it will keep working for 40 to 80 minutes. Almost every sunscreen has its own waterproof rating, so you should read the label and follow instructions carefully. SPF measures how well a product filters out UVB rays. The higher the SPF, the more protection the sunscreen can provide. Regardless of the SPF you use; you must use it at least every 2 hours.

UVB rays can be reflected from the surrounding sand, water and concrete onto your skin, so when you sit under an umbrella or a tree, they do not provide full protection. The bigger the umbrella or the denser the leaves in the tree above you, the better sun protection you can get. While these shading are not enough. Therefore, our clothes and hats are the best way to protect your skin. Sun protection is the most effective way to cover our skin. All clothes have the function of protecting our skin, not to mention sun-protective clothes specially made for UPF rating. In summer, people usually like to wear a T-shirt and wear a sunscreen suit. Sun protection clothing is very thin and light, but they have a good sunscreen effect. Fabrics such as twill, denim or spandex, which are tightly woven fabrics, can filter out more UV rays. Darker clothes also block more light than lighter clothes. When you spend a long time under the sun, consider buying a garment with UPF (UV Protection Factor) that accurately indicates how much it provides protection for you. For example, a thin white T-shirt has a UPF of about 5, while a special spandex “sun shirt” or rash guard specifically for outdoor sportswear can have a UPF of 50 or higher.

In addition, a sun hat is not only a fashion accessory, but also the best tool to protect our head and face. There are a lot of hats for the summer. The most classic one is the bucket hat and a wide-brimmed hat. The deep hat crown of the bucket hat and the wide brim of the wide-brimmed hat are one of people’s favorite reasons. Many people choose a bucket hat because it is both stylish and practical.

Best Men’s Hats for Sun Protection

Most people look forward to summer as it is the most enjoyable time for beach trips and hiking trips. However, summer is also featured by too much heat from the sun. If you ignore it, the sun’s heat can cause many health problems. The sun’s rays contain dangerous UVA and UVB rays that can burn you, especially to your neck. So consider carrying a sun-protective hat with you when you go out. Sun protection hats are a cheaper alternative than sunscreen and have no side effects. Most of them have neck and ear covers, so they can protect the whole face. And they won’t block your vision. Hats for sun protection are also versatile, which means you can use them for all outdoor activities.

Although most summer hats are one-size-fits-all, it’s still important to measure your head size before you buy it. If you ignore the hat size when buying a hat, later you will realize the hat you just bought is too small or too large for your head. You should consider wearing a hat with a wider brim because it offers more protection from the sun than a hat with a narrower brim. In addition, your sun protection hats should have an adjustable back band or a chin strap. That will keep the hat stay put on your head, so that it will not be blown away even by the strongest winds. You can also adjust it to fit your head.

Here are some nice summer hats for you. They are all perfect for protecting you from the sun and its UV rays.

Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Cap

This outdoor sun protection fishing cap can protect almost your entire face. It has an ear and a neck flap cover to protect your ears and neck. This hat completely protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays and it is ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hiking and travel. And it can be washed by a machine since this make it easy to clean.

Unisex UV Protecting Sun Hats

This UV protecting sun hat is worth considering and will ensure you will fully enjoy your outdoor time. It is made of fabrics with UPF 50+, which blocks up to 98 percent of UV rays. They also have a flap design that ensures them to protect the neck, ears and even the back of the head from the harsh summer sun.    

Men’s Bucket Hat

This bucket-hat features an upgraded design and new features that make it stand out from other hats. It is made of 100% polyester. It also has ventilation to allow air to pass through the fabric for cooling down. The stretchy, light, fast drying and durable fabric of the bucket hat provides good breathability to the wearer. Anyway, whenever you wear a bucket hat, you will feel very comfortable. It also protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays, thanks to the presence of UPF 50+.

Bonnie Outdoor Hat

This bonnie outdoor hat is exactly what you need for outdoor activities. It is made of a blend of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, which effectively absorbing moisture without deforming the crown. The hat has a moderate brim that provides a high level of sun protection. It also comes with a chin string to help it stay firmly on your head.

Hat Etiquette for Weddings

Wearing a hat or not seems less important in modern society. Men do not grow up with the same customs of wearing hats as their fathers and grandfathers, and formal hats are no longer common in daily life. But forward-thinking men still wear a hat as a great fashion statement by brilliantly using specific themes such as country or vintage. Many people believe that men should also remove their hats at outdoor weddings. If you want to be conservative, you can wear it on the way to and from your wedding, or during your photos.     

Fascinators and hats are beautiful accessories that add personality to your outfit for a wedding. Although there are no written rules, it is wise to keep in mind the basic principles of hat etiquette at weddings. When planning your wedding and defining dress codes for your guests, you would politely tell your guests what type of headwear is/is not appropriate. After all, a wedding is not like an informal ceremony or a tea party in your backyard. You should know that different dress codes for different occasions.  

At a formal wedding or church wedding, guests will be dressed in sleek, elegant attire. A pillbox hat or elegant fascinator will highlight the style and add some personality to your outfit. A countryside wedding is more relaxed, you can choose to wear a more romantic boho-chic outfit pairing with a fun fascinator or a sun hat with romantic details.

Another thing is to choose the right hat for the time and place. It is an unwritten rule that the size of the hat should decrease as the evening approaches. If the wedding is in the first half of the day, you can choose to wear a larger and wide-brimmed hat or fascinator; but if it is planned in the evening, you can choose a smaller pillbox hat or fascinator.

If you are the wedding guest and you don’t know about the dress/hat codes, it is best to call the bride/groom ahead of time to understand if the hat style you chose is suitable for their event. Keep in mind that it’s the big day for the bride and groom when choosing your wedding guest outfit.

A golden rule of thumb applies to the hats worn by the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. If the bride’s family is organizing the wedding, the groom’s mother should not wear a hat that is larger than the hat of bride’s mother. However, if the young couple organizes the wedding by themselves, there are no restrictions. Both bride’s and groom’s mothers can choose any size of headwear.

Women’s fascinators and hats are treated as ornaments and therefore it is not need to be removed when entering a room or church. Men on the other side were asked to remove their hats when entering the building or greeting women, especially to their new mother-in-law. Generally speaking, people should take off their headwear only when the hostess removes her headpiece.

Indeed, people don’t necessarily wear hats at weddings in modern society, as long as you dress formally. But adding a hat will definitely give you a different feeling, just as many hip-hop rappers like to wear bucket hats these days.

How to Choose the Best Packable Sun Hat?

We will spend a long time exposed to the sun and its harmful UV rays when we travel. Whether you are enjoying the beach time or just strolling around on the road, your face and head will must getting UV radiation. Your skin has been exposed to the sun’s rays for all day long during traveling. At the end of the day, you may have a feeling of intense burning and you blame yourself for not applying more sunscreen. Indeed, sunscreen may have effect on protecting your skin from sunburn to some extent. But I believe some of you hate smearing greasy-feeling sunscreen on your face, it makes your face look greasy.

Therefore, a functional and stylish packable sun hat is very useful for travelers and outdoors adventurers. A packable sun hat is designed to be foldable or crushable that it can be packed and stuffed into your bag or luggage. Once you’ve found the best one that fits you you’ll never leave home without it.

A packable sun hat has nothing different from a normal hat. Most packable sun hats are designed like a traditional safari or bucket hat style. It depends on your personal preference and style that you choose. You can wear them every day and easily put them into your bag without having to worry about damaging them. Well, you may wonder how to choose the best packable sun hat for your travel. Following we will talk about some factors when choosing a packable sun hat.

When it comes to a sun hat, the degree of sun protection is the most important factor that you should consider. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating system shows the UV protection provided from types of fabrics. In other words, it measures the degree of sun protection that a sun hat can offer.

For most of us, the first impression of a hat will determine whether we buy this hat or not. Though a packable hat features a crushable design, still there are a variety of styles. You can choose a classic sun hat, such as a straw hat or a wide-brimmed hat. Hats can be a style statement for you, no matter what hats you wear. You want a stylish sun hat that both offers you the best protection from the sun and makes you look great. After all, you are going to wear it when travel. Basically, you need a hat to go with a style you feel comfortable.

If you have planned to go hiking, paddling or traveling, you’d better consider the material of sun hats. Fabrics like polyester and nylon are very effective at wicking moisture away from your head and they can dry quickly. The fabric has a good breathability that helps you stay cool. A nice packable sun hat also have mesh ventilation on the crown, which is the key point to keep you cool as much as impossible.

A sun hat must fit your head and make you comfortable to wear. It cannot be too large or too small; otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable to wear this hat. Thus, you should choose a hat that sits on your head. If you don’t know your head size, use a measure tape to measure your head size and then choose a packable sun hat.

Manners of Hat Wearing

Wearing a hat for women may not as difficult as the men. It may sound like a double standard, but women have a completely different set of rules for wearing hats especially in the past. Women can wear fashion hats whenever they want, as long as the hats don’t block someone’s view or interfere with their work. However, men’s rules for wearing a sporty cap still apply to women. So if a woman wants to wear a baseball cap, she must remove it indoors and during the National Anthem.

Hats have developed around for several centuries, so they have a quite long history.

It is widely believed that you are free to wear a hat outdoors. There are a few exceptions, but it is fine to wear your hat at most of the time. However, you might feel a little confused about what to do when entering a building.

If you walk into someone’s home or office, you should always take off your hat. If it’s raining outside, shake your hat before you come in a room so that it doesn’t drip on their floor.

In some public places, like the restaurant, what you should do depends on the type of restaurant you are going to. If it’s a table service restaurant and you’re being served, you should always take your hat off. Hang your hat on the hat stand if there is a hat rack. However, since there are few hat racks these days, you should choose to hang your hat on the back of your chair. Except in a cafeteria or fast food restaurant, you can wear a hat if you like.

In most other indoor venues, including theatres, cinemas, concerts, banks, and other public spaces, it is also a good manner to take off your hat. However, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a hat when travelling on public transport or in retail stores. There is one exception to the “indoor rule” is at the post office, where you can wear your hat in the post office.

Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter for you to wear a hat when you are outside, on the street or in other public spaces, regardless of you are a man or a woman. You can also wear your hats in some of these public areas. For example, it’s fine to wear a hat in hotel lobbies, airports, railway stations, long indoor corridors, elevators, public transport and so on. For women, you can wear a hat indoors or outdoors, even during some meals, as long as it’s not a baseball cap. However, if you want to wear a baseball cap, you must follow the same rules that apply to men.  

Whether men wear a fedora, bucket hat or a baseball cap, they should not wear hats indoors most of the time. When you are at homes, schools, restaurants, cafes, churches, theatres and some businesses offices, you’d better remove your hat. However, even if you are in a place where you can wear your hat, you should take it off in the presence of a lady. For a woman, you can keep your hat on unless it blocks the view of someone else.

Men’s Golf Hats

Hat is one of the effective and cheap ways to protect you from the sun and its harmful UV rays. A sun hat is not only used for sun protection but also to be used as a fashion item. Bucket Hats come in all shapes and sizes, which have a brim in 360 degree. They can protect your face, ears and neck from harsh rays. A bucket hat gives you some extra shade meanwhile helps you to focus on the ball. Almost every golfer wears a hat when they are playing. If you want to be a professional golfer, then you should wear bucket hats for men. Plus, you can wear a pair of sunglasses to further protect your eyes.

Different golf bucket hats have different sizes, styles and designs. They are now seen in many different golf courses. The original golf hats are like the baseball cap with long brim in the front of the hat. Although these hats can protect our eyes from the glare, they still expose our neck and ears to the sun.

The bucket hat with large and wide brim provides golfers with ultimate sun protection from the harmful UV rays. You may doubt that the brim of the bucket hat will block your vision when you hit the ball, definitely not, on the contrary, it will help you to focus on that hole and hit the ball into it.

Following I want to show you the best golf bucket hats.

This golf hat is made of very soft material which makes you feel as if you are not wearing anything on your head. The hat features with lightweight and comfortable fabric. The brim is not too wide, thus you don’ have to worry about it will block your vision and let you concentrate on your game.

The material of this bucket hat is nylon which is durable and packable. When you don’t want to wear it, you can fold it and put in your pocket.

This white bucket hat with blue stripes is pretty fashionable. The white also reflects the sunlight and it absorbs the least amount of heat. So most people like wearing solid-colored clothing, such as white T-shirt, white suit and more.

There is a built-in sweatband that will stop your sweat rolling down into your eyes. It also comes with mesh panels that allow the air to pass through the fabric and keep your head cool down.

This bucket hat can be said the best hat for playing golf. It comes in an adjustable drawstring to make sure the hat stay secured on your head. The weather mostly is windy, so this hat with a chin strap can resist the wind and stop the hat being blown away.

The hat performs well in sun protection for it can block the glare from the sun and the harmful UV rays. The wide and large brim of the hat can perfectly protect your face, ears and neck. The hat’s brim can be rolled up: when you play golf, you can turn it up; while in other time, you can turn it down to have good protection.

Why Do We Choose a Bucket Hat?

In recent years, the Bucket Hat has swept the entire fashion circle and it becomes a must-have accessory for the stars and trendy people. The bucket hat is an item without clear gender differences, which is one of the reasons for its fashion. Any style of clothing can be neutralized by its neutral temperament; even a very sexy scantily clad bikini with a bucket hat becomes fashionable. Putting on the bucket hat, you can casually pose as you like, and then match it with different clothes to show the varied style.

The bucket hat can make you a cool girl in a second. It is the first choice to enhance your aura. It can also turn you into an literary youth, or make you more feminine, or cute or casual. The reason why bucket hats are loved by so many people naturally has its advantages.

Advantage 1: Making your face look small

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As the bucket hat has a very wide brim, it increases the visual width of the forehead to a certain extent, and it can modify the face to achieve a visual effect of the oval face. If you are a square face or a round face with more flesh on your face, wearing a bucket hat will make your face much smaller than wearing a normal baseball cap. The bucket hat can modify the square face and the long face because the soft brim will neutralize the edges and corners of the face. For a round-faced girl, through the modification of the bucket hat, the face line will be visually shorten to the appropriate length, solving the shortcomings of too rounded face, and making the line of chin more distinct.

Advantage 2: Any hairstyle can be easily worn

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The bucket hat is very easy to match a bucket hat. Whether you are ultra-short hair, medium long hair, or long hair, you can easily control it without a feeling of strangeness. For girls who do not want to let the hair loose, you can tie up the hair, whether tie it into bunches or braids, remember to make it lower in order to wear the hats. Actually, no matter what your hairstyle is, you can wear a bucket hat casually.

Advantage 3: Any clothes can be easily matched

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Whether it’s a coat, a shirt or a gentle lady’s skirt, the bucket hat can subtly neutralize that into a unique combination of casual and fashionable style, which is also the magical part of the bucket hat. It is gentle and fresh for wearing it with a skirt, unlike the gentle and sexy of mature women, it shows a little more girlish.

If you can’t think of what to wear to go out to meet friends, a bucket hat will not go wrong. Even if you only have a simple T-shirt and jeans, the bucket hat will make you instantly become fashionable with effortless ease.

The benefits of the bucket hat are so many. It is a big problem for those who don’t know how to match with other hats. With the bucket hat, you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. All you have to do is to choose a suitable bucket hat and match it with your clothes.

A Super Fan of the Bucket Hat

The bucket hat has been favoured by designers in recent years and has been brought into the ranks of luxury fashion field. The bucket hat has also been a very popular item in recent years. It is not only chosen by our ordinary people in our daily lives, but many stars are also very favoured it. Buckets hats are also often seen in various street snaps. After all, the bucket hat is well-matched with clothes, and it is really fashionable and cool!

Speaking of that, we have to mention a big fan of the bucket hat, Rihanna. No matter what the occasion or what style of clothes, Rihanna always has the right bucket hat to match, each is maximally comfortable. All kinds of hairstyles can be perfectly matched. The super fan Rihanna has to change the patterns to wear a different hat every day. It feels that she must have a lot of hats in different colours and styles in her wardrobe. The title of the “Queen of the influencer” is not to be said in vain. Rihanna not only dares to wear any clothes but also dares to wear any kinds of the hat. She may have more bucket hats than the hats you have ever seen.

Rihanna herself prefers a more fancy style of bucket hats because they are more flexible and can presents more styles. The printed bucket hat is simply Rihanna’s favourite. The combination of a printed bucket hat and fancy clothes is especially dangerous. It is better not to try it for ordinary people. Rihanna seems to have no sense of incongruity and she’s getting a lot of personalities.

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As a music diva, Rihanna’s style is described as changefully. Although she was born in the small island country of Barbados, her fashion sense is very international. She is very good at posing. Here is a picture that she attended a brand endorsement event. She boldly chose a bucket hat with a snake-skin pattern on it. Because of its metallic and cylindrical shape, it looked like that she has a “stainless steel bucket” on her head. And two silver big earrings, like the two handles of the bucket which is a very unique shape.

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This exaggerated and strong snake-skin costume is sexier than leopard print, and it is very photogenic. Silver-gray has a sense of high quality with snake-skin elements that not only gives people a stronger momentum but also reveals a high-class fashion atmosphere. From the overall look of Rihanna, the snake-skin element has complete integrity. In addition to the bucket hat with a stainless steel bucket, there is also a tight-fitting dress with a tube top style, and a pair of pointed straps and high heels. Even the makeup is also in silver-grey, which is really attractive.

It can be seen that Rihanna uses a silver snake-skin element with a “stainless steel” sense of the whole clothing, which draws the outline of the graceful body curve, so that she can easily transform into an enchanting “snake essence”, charming and moving, with a powerful aura. Although this style is a bit strange, it looks particularly good for Rihanna.

After seeing Rihanna’s ever-changing style with wearing different kinds of bucket hats, do you want to get a bucket hat and walk in the forefront of fashion along with these stars? If so, take actions!

Types of Fishing Hats

There are many different styles of bucket hats. They vary in shape, coverage and protection they offer anglers. Here are different types of bucket hats and types of protection they provide.

A bucket hat is the most popular type of fishing hats. It is so closely associated with fishing that it is also known as the fisherman’s hat. It is usually made of cotton, and its brim is shorter than that of boonies worn by the army. This short edge means that it does not provide adequate protection for the ears and neck and is not suitable for long-time fishing activity. It is suitable for short trips where the sun is not shining.

The boonies are a rounded fishing hat with a wide brim from all directions. It resembles the boonies worn by the army. Bonnies have a wider range than bucket hats, so they can protect people from rain or the sun. It is made of soft material, and most hats are made of camouflage fabrics. The boonie hat is the military cap used by many national special troops around the world. Whether it is used in routine training, exercises, team battles, or military competitions, the boonies is the preferred hat. It is so popular because although the appearance of boonies is not very good-looking, there is a sense of design everywhere, most of the colour is camouflage; in addition to the application of the use of the military, the fashion trend has also spread to our daily lives. Some people regard it as a beautiful decorative hat. It can be worn when we are travelling and fishing. In particular, hiking enthusiasts have long used the bonnie hat as essential equipment. It is not only to perspire but also to effectively block various flying insects in the forest. Anglers also like to wear a bonnet because of its rounded side shading design.

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A wide-brim fishing hat with a brim like boonies, but it is extremely wide on all sides and leans downward so that it can protect not only the head and face but also the ears and neck from the sun and other factors. They provide the best protection from the sun, rain, dust and other things. Studies have shown that a wide-brim hat has an SPF of 5 for the nose, ears and neck.

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A baseball-styled fishing hat looks like a baseball cap. They provide good protection to the head but do little to protect the rest of the face, such as the cheeks, chin and neck.

The narrow-brim bucket hat can be regarded as one of the fishing hats. Most of the hats are equipped with decorations to adorn people’s own dignified temperament,  while the bucket hat does not have too many accessories, mostly are painted design. The material of narrow-brim bucket hat is hard and stereoscopic, which is used to modify the face, and it is not suitable for pulling down. The brim of bucket hat is narrow and deep, with only a small circle of trapezoidal shaded edges, and does not have a sense of stereotyping.

Bucket hats have developed for several types for people’s different usage. Anyway, you can choose a hat for your own purpose.